Can you Paint or Refinish My Cabinets?

Yes!  Many a Tuolumne County painter have been asked this question.  Mountain communities surrounding Sonora and Murphys are littered with homes built in an era when dark, natural wood finishes were a popular choice in home decor.  Though it is puzzling why the woody cave look of yesteryear was so popular, it is clear that the majority of 21st century homeowners prefer a brighter interior.  So what to do with those old wood cabinets……

Restoring vs. Replacing

If you’re considering replacing your cabinets, ask yourself the following questions:

1)Are you willing to roll the dice with cheaper factory-made cabinets or the quoted delivery date of a local cabinet maker?

2)Are you prepared to be exiled from your kitchen while the cabinets are removed and replaced?

3)Are you ready to deal with yet another contractor for the cabinet installation?

matching cabinets

Cabinets fitting in seamlessly with other design elements.

The Cabinet Restoration Advantage

When we paint or refinish cabinets, we can match them perfectly with other elements of your interior such as countertops, flooring and walls.  By hand painting the boxes and removing the facing for a spray job elsewhere, we allow you use of your kitchen while the work is being done.  Our low-voc finishing product is free of noxious fumes that can linger for weeks or months.  

Though grandma’s cabinets may look disagreeable now, don’t send them to the dump before contacting us.  People are often surprised at the new life we can breath into them.  

Sean McCoy has been in the painting business for 40 years and has been a painter in Tuolumne and Calaveras County since 2003.  Call (209) 588-1741 or email for a free estimate.